Visiting Scholars


The University of Iowa College of Law welcomes foreign and domestic scholars to come to Iowa to use its fine facilities to conduct their research and, in the case of foreign scholars, to learn about U.S. law and law teaching.  The Iowa faculty feels a special duty to make its extraordinary law library available to serious scholars.

The Visiting Scholars Program

Scholars who are accepted as Visiting Scholars are given a carrel in the Law Library. Visiting law faculty and foreign judges or prosecutors receive a faculty carrel; visiting Ph.D. and Masters students receive a student carrel. The carrels have lockable shelves, electrical power, and Internet connection. Printers and copiers are available in the Library for reasonable fees on a pay-as-you-go basis. Visiting scholars may check out books to their carrels. Visiting scholars are encouraged to consult members of the faculty with expertise relevant to their interests and are invited to participate in faculty seminars and workshops. They may also make arrangements with individual faculty to audit their classes, room permitting. No transcript is provided for that kind of auditing, but there is also no tuition charge, and the only fees that are payable are the ones described below under Visiting Scholar Fees. In particular, foreign visiting scholars are welcome to join the LL.M. orientation course starting in early August that provides foreign-trained lawyers in the LL.M. program a comparative introduction to the U.S. legal system before the start of the fall semester, and we make an effort to include visiting scholars in the social activities and professional visits that are planned for the LL.M. students throughout the year. We regret that we have no funds to support visiting scholars.

Visiting Scholar Fees

Every scholar will be asked upon arrival to check in with the University's office of International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS). For the expenses associated with the immigration system, including the issuance of supporting documentation for and tracking of visas, ISSS charges a modest one-time administrative fee, currently $100. This fee will be charged to all visiting scholars and cannot be waived. It is added to the fees listed below, payable when billed by the law school.

To help defray the costs of making its facilities available to visitors, the University of Iowa College of Law also charges a fee each semester, as follows:

1.    All visiting faculty scholars and foreign judges or prosecutors, except those covered by Sections 2 through 5 below, will be charged a fee of $2,000 per semester, and all visiting student scholars, except those covered by Sections 2 through 5 below, will be charged a fee of $750 per semester.
2.    No fee will be charged to visiting scholars whose stay at Iowa is limited to two months or less.  No fee will be charged to visiting scholars who stay at Iowa only during the summer semester (from May 15 to August 15).  Scholars who pay an applicable fee in one semester but also stay for some or all of an adjacent summer or for no more than two months in a previous or subsequent semester shall not have to pay any additional fee.  Scholars who stay for one calendar year will pay only two semester charges.  
3.    No fee will be charged to visiting scholars supported by the U.S. government’s Fulbright scholarships or by the Junior Faculty Development Program.  No fee will be charged to Iowa Visiting Fellows, as described in Section 4, and no fee will be charged to visiting U.S. federal or state judges.  
4.    Iowa Visiting Fellows are legal academics and professionals specially invited by the Iowa Law Faculty to engage in research projects at the Law School because of the value of their work to legal studies generally and/or to the students and faculty at Iowa in particular.  
5.    Potential visiting scholars for whom the fees pose an extreme hardship may apply to the Director of Visiting Scholars for a waiver.  Supporting financial information will be required.    


Scholars interested in being accepted at Iowa as a Visiting Scholar should send an e-mail message to that effect to the e-mail address listed below, stating as precisely as possible the time period during which the scholar would like to conduct research at Iowa and indicating the degree of flexibility, if any, with respect to that time period.  The message should also include as attachments the scholar’s curriculum vitae (c.v.) and a short research plan that outlines the project the scholar intends to complete during his or her stay at Iowa.  Non-native speakers of English are encouraged to provide information about their level of English language competence. We make every effort to accommodate serious scholars, but at certain times the demand exceeds our capacity to accept visitors.  

Please direct your applications to:

Visiting Scholars Program
University of Iowa College of Law