Research Assistantships


Law Research Assistant (RA) positions are primarily intended as learning experiences that contribute to the student's progress toward a program of study. RA positions are for a  quarter-time  appointment or 10 hours a week. RA positions are available with many faculty members only for second- and third-year students. If you are classified as a nonresident for tuition purposes, a quarter-time research assistant position (10 hours per week) will change your tuition status during that semester to resident tuition, thus altering your financial aid package.

Employment Limitation: A student may not be employed more than 20 hours per week in any week in which the student is enrolled more than 12 class hours.  ABA Standard 304(f).

Current Openings

The Symplicity CSM  system is used to advertise RA positions.   To view current openings, please  go to the Student Log On to Symplicity.   If you are a faculty member seeking to advertise an opening, please go to the Employer Log On to Symplicity.   For instructions about posting a position in Symplicity, please see Instructions for RA Postings in Symplicity [pdf].

Direct Deposit
Set up and maintain your direct deposit information at the Employee Self Service. Select the Personal Tab, under the payroll heading and select Set Up/Change Direct Deposit.

Paycheck Review
Research Assistants may view their earnings statements on the Employee Self Service Web Site.   Choose Paycheck Review from the Payroll options.

The following forms are provided for the reference and use of current research assistants and newly hired research assistants.   More forms are needed to complete the payroll process than are listed below.   Please contact the Student Employment Coordinator  for details.   If you have questions about which forms may be of use to you, please consult the FAQs [pdf] or contact the Student Employment Coordinator.

I-9 Information Required
I-9 List of Acceptable Documents [pdf]
Salaried Research Assistants Monthly Timesheet  [pdf]
Data Collection Worksheet  [pdf]

Faculty RA Print/Copy Account
After you are hired, many faculty will want you to print and/or copy the materials you find in your research for them. Faculty have a shared Faculty RA Print/Copy account for this purpose. You should not use your personal Print/Copy funds for this purpose. For more information see this one page information sheet.