3 + 3 Admissions Program

The College of Law encourages applications from any third-year undergraduate student subject to the following conditions:

  1. the student is enrolled in any college or university in the State of Iowa that has entered into an agreement with the College of Law1 under which the first year of law school satisfies the requirements for the student's bachelor's degree;
  2. the student applies to the College of Law during his or her junior year prior to the deadline established by the College of Law for that year’s admissions cycle; and
  3. the student takes the LSAT soon enough to permit his or her LSAT score to be timely included in his or her application for admission.

Such applicants will be offered admission if they successfully compete in the College's overall applicant pool for seats in the given year’s entering class (based on GPA, LSAT, and other relevant criteria). Individual universities, colleges, and departments may impose their own requirements, such as the completion of specified courses or a GPA above a specified threshold.

 For more information about the 3+3 program or our admissions deadlines, please contact our Admissions Office at 319-335-9095 or law-admissions@uiowa.edu

1 As of March 17, 2014, the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Iowa State University’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, The University of Dubuque, Coe College, Buena Vista University, and Clarke University have entered into agreements with the College of Law.  We will recognize other agreements on this page as they are announced. To read a press release about the agreements with UI and ISU, click here.  To read a press release about the agreement with UD, click here. To read a press release about the agreement with Buena Vista University, click here.  To read a press release about the agreement with Clarke University, click here.