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The Writing Resource Center, located on the fourth floor of the Boyd Law Building, serves as an extension of the classroom and of the first-year Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research Program. The WRC is staffed by a director whose PhD work focused on the teaching of writing; by lawyers pursuing or recently having completed MFA degrees in the Iowa Writers Workshop; and by upper-level law students. The Center provides one-on-one tutorial assistance for writers working on course assignments, journal articles, writing samples, and the like. Students come to the Center by recommendation of faculty members or through self-referrals and are able to gain help with rhetorical, stylistic, and grammatical concerns that arise in their writing. Additionally, members of the staff work with students on general writing improvement and on strategies for dealing with everything from overcoming writer’s block to adapting material for various audiences. Typically, more than two-thirds of all first-year students and more than one-third of all law students make use of the Writing Resource Center in any given year.

The following are useful links for writers of legal and non-legal documents alike.

Blue Book Citation
Online Dictionary
Another Dictionary (with grammar and "word of the day")
Common Errors in English
Strunk and White Manual

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The following handouts provide legal writers with excellent information about getting started and writing well.

PDFs of these documents will be coming soon. In the meantime, please contact the Writing Resource Center Staff for copies.

Case Synthesis
Memo v. Brief
Résumé/Cover Letters
Passive Voice
Top Ten Errors

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Nancy Jones, Ph.D.

Professional Staff
Teresa R. Wagner, J.D.

Research Assistants
Dave Embree (3L)
Sarah Friedricks (2L)
Nick Heinz (3L)
Kelli Lang (2L)

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In Person
The center is open 9 - 5 Monday, 9 - 4:30 Tuesday, 9 - 5 Wednesday, 9 - 5:30 Thursday, and 9 - 4 Friday throughout the academic year. The Center is located on the fourth floor of the Boyd Law Building in room 480.

By Mail
Writing Resource Center
University of Iowa College of Law
480 BLB
Iowa City, IA 52242

By Phone

By E-mail
Nancy Jones

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