Event Planning

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Following is information to assist you with planning an event within the College of Law. Please take a moment to review this information and complete the necessary forms to plan your event.

Online Event Planning Form

Selecting a Date [pdf]

The College of Law hosts many activities throughout the year and it is our goal to schedule them in such a way that events do not "collide," thus ensuring each event's success.

Care should be taken to ensure that your event doesn't occur on a religious holiday. The Equal Opportunity and Diversity department suggests the following site for a comprehensive list of holidays: http://www.interfaithcalendar.org/. Before you have finalized your date, you can hold dates in EMS Lite (see Reserving a Room section), as a "Special Event."  This communicates to other people planning events that there is a potential conflict on those dates.

Reserving a Room

The next step is to have a space to hold the event. The College of Law uses an event planning program called EMS Lite. Faculty, staff, and student organizations have been set up with a username and password to access this online. Your username is your e-mail address, or your group's e-mail address. If you don't know your password, try the "e-mail me my password" link on the EMS Lite homepage. If you're still having trouble, please contact the Law IT Dept at 319-335-9124 or e-mail your request.

Once logged in to EMS Lite you will submit a room request. Instructions are available online. If you need more than one room for your event, you will have to submit multiple requests (i.e., if you need one room for preparation and one room for the symposium.) You will receive an e-mail confirmation once the reservation has been approved.

Please complete an online Event Planning Form to address your technology, food/beverage, parking, and furniture needs.


To prepare for your event, time should be spent thinking about your computer support and A/V needs (microphones, projectors, recording, etc.). Please make all service and equipment requests at least six weeks prior to your event. These service arrangements should be finalized no later than two weeks prior to your event. Please complete the online Event Planning Form to request services. For more information on accessibility please see the University of Iowa's accessibility statement.

If you are recording your event, you will need to obtain permissions from your presenters. Please have them complete this form.

Food and Beverages

You are responsible for purchasing the food and beverages for your event. The online Event Planning Form contains more detailed information on this process as well as a list of vendors and contacts.


Parking at the College of Law is very limited. Please use the online Event Planning Form to request parking passes. Public and metered parking is available in Lot 14 on Melrose Avenue or in the parking ramps located next to the Field House and UIHC.


You are responsible for arranging the furniture in the room to meet your needs as well as returning it to its original location once your event is complete. If you have any special furniture needs (more tables, extra chairs) please include this in your submission of the online Event Planning Form. Please note that the furniture available in the College of Law is limited. Your request(s) will be accommodated if possible.

Publicity: Contacting Alumni, Digital Signage, The Docket and the Calendar

If you wish to invite Alumni to your event, the external relations office can assist you with this process. External Relations can also help publicize your event through digital signage, an entry in The Docket, or by adding it to the Law School's online calendar. To submit a file for the digital signs, an entry for The Docket, or an entry for the Calendar, please go to: http://blogs.law.uiowa.edu/digitalsignage. Policies, procedures, and style guidelines for our digital signage is available at /documents/digitalsignage.pdf. Please contact Jill De Young, Director of External Relations, at jill-deyoung@uiowa.edu if you have questions regarding publicity.

Weekend and Evening Events

The classrooms within the Law School are locked each night. If you are planning an event to occur over the weekend or in the evening, you will need to make arrangements to have those doors unlocked.  Keys can checked out to you and a key deposit will be required. Please contact Rene Schilling-Arps at 319-335-9544 to make these arrangements.

Hours of Operation

The Law School official hours mirror those of the Law Library. If your event occurs outside of these hours, please consult with Rene Schilling-Arps to ensure you will have access to your reserved rooms. (see Weekend and Evening Events)


  1. You are responsible for cleaning after your event.
  2. Any furniture that is moved must be put back in its original location at the completion of your event.
  3. All food, drinks, and other trash must be removed from the room.
  4. All posters placed throughout the Law School must be taken down.

Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services has provided a presentation containing information applicable to student group events. This includes University policy and insurance information.