American Society of Comparative Law Annual Meeting

Oct. 4-6, 2012

Great hopes rest on judicial review in the field of public law.  Judicial Review is the cornerstone of the ideal of the rule of law.  Such review is expected to serve the function of guaranteeing separation of powers and the protection of human rights.  And yet judicial review is also exposed to a drumbeat of criticism, especially from those who favor statutes and other governmental action that is ruled unconstitutional.  The main idea of the conference is to juxtapose the enthusiasm for judicial review and the increasingly bold forms of judicial review—especially in countries that have recently adopted judicial review—with the concerns about judicial review that are increasingly being heard from countries that have long had judicial review.  The conference will also compare the enthusiasm for judicial review on the part of some Chinese jurists who see it as a substitute for electoral democracy with the enthusiasm for judicial review in the international realm, where there clearly is no electoral democracy. 


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