Alexander Domrin


  • Diploma, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, 1985
  • Candidate of Law (PhD. equivalent), Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law, 1992
  • SJD, University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1998
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Professor Alexander N. Domrin is a Head of International Programs at Pepelyaev, Goltsblat & Partners, the largest Russian law firm. Graduate of the Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) under the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1985), in 1990 he joined the professional staff of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, as its Senior and then Chief Specialist. In 1994-96, Alexander Domrin was the Moscow Coordinator of Russian Federal Assembly Parliamentary Development Program of the U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS). In 1998-99, he was a Consultant of the Russian Foundation for Legal Reform coordinating the World Bank funded Legal Education Development Program (in St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg).

Alexander Domrin has taught at the University of Iowa College of Law, the New York University School of Law, Cornell Law School, University of Pennsylvania Law School, the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, Wayne State University Law School, political science departments of the University of Iowa, Villanova University and Wittenberg University, in addition to being a Fulbright Research Scholar at Harvard Law School. The courses that he teaches include Public International Law, U.S. Foreign Relations Law, European Union Law, Human Rights in the World Community, National Security Law and Government Powers in Emergencies, Comparative Law in Post-Communist Countries, Contemporary Russian Law in Historical Context, and Russian Foreign Policy.

Alexander Domrin is the author of over sixty publications (in Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, and USA), including the books The Limits of Russian Democratisation: Emergency Powers and States of Emergency (Routledge, 2006), The Constitutional Mechanism of a State of Emergency (Moscow, 1998); two major reports to the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy; and a series of books that he co-authored with his Russian colleagues: Emergency Legal Regime in Russia and Abroad (Moscow, 2006), Constitutional Law of the Countries of Europe: Textbook (Moscow: Wolters Kluwer, 2005); Legal Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage in Foreign Countries (Moscow, 2005), Institutions of Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries (Moscow, 2002), Essays in Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries (Moscow, 1999).

He is a member of the Editorial Board of Representative Power- 21st Century: Legislation, Commentaries, Problems (a legal periodical of the Russian State Duma), of the Expert Council of the Institute of Law and Public Policy (Moscow) and of the Hauser Global Law School Faculty of the New York University Law School (New York).