Career Services for Students: Specific Services

Career Services at Iowa Law

Résumé and Cover Letter Review

The first piece of legal writing most employers see from a potential employee is a résumé and cover letter. These two documents should not be undervalued for their professional marketing potential.

Career Services offers programs on résumé and cover letter drafting throughout the year as well as working with students individually on the creation and maintenance of résumés and cover letters. Students can drop off or e-mail résumés and cover letters for review by staff during office hours and will receive comments in response usually within a day. Students may also meet with a staff member to go over résumés and cover letters in person. Samples of résumés and cover letters are available in the Career Services Manual each student receives at the Career Services Orientation in November of the student's first year.

Résumé Writing Handout [pdf]
Cover Letter Handout [pdf]


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Career Counseling

The Career Services Office provides individualized counseling for students, by scheduled appointment or drop-in visit. From making decisions about a field of practice to deciding where to live, the staff will connect you with resources, including alumni networks, and help you think through the issues involved.

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Career Services Programs

Watch The Docket for Career Services program announcements. From environmental law practice to judicial clerkships and everything in between, there is something to appeal to every student. Additionally, law firms often sponsor lunch programs at the law school and occasionally host receptions at local establishments. Students interested in having Career Services sponsor specific programs should contact Career Services with their requests.

Partner for a Day Program

This program gives first-year students an opportunity to spend time with College of Law alumni and other professionals to get a feel for what it is like in the "real world" of law. This program is part of Career Services' three step professional development model to help students:

  1. Articulate their life and work preferences in clear and concise language;
  2. Identify professionals who lead (and get paid for) lives of interest to them;
  3. Develop strategic job search plans to secure employment after graduation in professional areas identified in this process.

Opportunities to spend time with alumni and other professionals are available in law firms, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, banks, educational institutions, and many other settings both domestically and abroad.

Partner for a Day Timeline
Arrangements are made in the fall with alumni and friends of Iowa Law who are willing to sponsor a first-year student for a day of job shadowing. Students sign up for placement based on areas of interest and Career Services staff match students with sponsors around December 1. The shadowing program usually occurs over winter break, ideally the first full week in January. Students arrange details of the placement individually with their sponsors, including the duration of their visit and activities during that time. Students are responsible for any travel expenses incurred for this program, and should expect to pay for incidentals (food, transportation, parking) for themselves during their Partner for a Day placement.

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The Career Services Office can help facilitate placement with certain non-profit or government agencies for academic credit.

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Mock Interviews

Interviewing is a skill that some people are born with and others learn and develop through experience. Throughout the year, mock interviews are available through the Career Services Office, and are conducted by outside attorneys. Students may have mock interviews videotaped for reference purposes on request.

The Career Services Office advertises Mock Interview Days through The Docket. If a student would like to schedule a mock interview outside of the pre-arranged days, please contact Career Services.

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