On-Campus Interviewing




Every fall and spring, more than 200 employers visit the campus of the College to recruit Iowa students. Employers include private firms, corporations, county attorneys, public defenders, federal government agencies, and judges, among others.  On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) at Iowa is a lottery-based program; students are not pre-screened for interview slots. Starting in 2006, the College introduced an Early Bird Interview Program and began using Symplicity to administer its OCI program.

Symplicity Instructions

STEP 1: Go to OCI log-in.

STEP 2: Type in your Hawk Id and password.

STEP 3: Click the Profile Tab in the taskbar and enter all pertinent data. (You must fill out all fields marked with a red asterisk or you will not be able to advance through the system.) Be sure to select the correct class year (L1, L2, or L3).

STEP 4: Click the Documents Tab in the taskbar (this is where you will upload your résumé(s), transcript, and cover letters).
To upload your résumé (or other documents), click the "+Add New" button. Select the type of document you are uploading (résumé, cover letter, or transcript) and name the document (e.g. Public Interest Résumé, or Corporate Résumé).

Click the "Browse" button, go to the appropriate folder and select your document produced with Word, WordPerfect, or Adobe PDF and click save. Please make sure your résumé does not have any blank pages before you upload. After a few moments your résumé will be converted and uploaded as a PDF.

MAC USERS: Career Services recommends that you transfer your résumés and other documents to PC-based software because sometimes the MAC version of Word does not format correctly.

STEP 5: Now you are ready to Bid for Employers! Please note that you will not be able to bid for employers unless 1) you have uploaded a résumé and made it your default résumé, and 2) the bidding process has commenced.

Bid by going to the OCI tab in the taskbar. You will only see employers who are actively interviewing for your class year (ie, a 3L will not see an employer who is only looking for 1L or 2L students).

In the far right column you must enter a bid for each employer you select by using the small drop down window. To remove a number, click on the drop down menu, look for the blank line that precedes the number one, and select it. This will remove the bid from that employer, and then you may then re-number your bids.


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