Off-Campus Recruiting Programs

Consortia Job Fairs

The College participates in an off-campus recruiting consortia organized by the University of Minnesota. These programs take place in August in Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC. They are attended by students from five different law schools in the consortia. These programs are pre-screened, which means that students are able to attend only if invitations to interview have been extended by participating employers.

Patent Law Interview Program

The College also participates in the Patent Law Interview Program that is sponsored by Loyola University Chicago School of Law. This program is also pre-screened and students must meet the technical requirements the employers request.

Minority Recruitment Programs

The University of Iowa College of Law participates in a variety of minority recruitment programs. The following is a list of recent opportunities for students.

  • Delaware Minority Student Job Fair
  • Northwest Minority Job Fair
  • Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference
  • National BLSA Midwest Regional Recruitment Conference
  • Cook County Minority Student Job Fair

Public Interest Job Fairs

Careers in the public sector include such employers as providers of direct legal services, prosecutors, public defenders, and many government positions. To support students' pursuits of public interest careers, Iowa participates in the following job fairs that provide extensive access to public interest employers.

All job fairs are coordinated through the Career Services Office. All off-campus recruiting programs are advertised to students through Symplicity and in The Docket and registration deadlines for such programs must be respected. For more information, please contact Career Services.