Kurtz on Iowa Estates

Sheldon Kurtz (1995) ($75)

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On this 20th anniversary of Kurtz on Iowa Estates, Iowa Law School Continuing Legal Education proudly announces the publication of the third edition of this highly respected work. Since the publication of the predecessor work, Kurtz and Reimer, Iowa Estates: Taxation and Administration and the first and second editions of Kurtz on Iowa Estates, this multi-volume work has become the Iowa lawyer's principal secondary source for the explanation and analysis of the Iowa Probate Code and the related federal and state tax rules applicable to decedents' estates. Kurtz on Iowa Estates is frequently cited by both the Court of Appeals and the Iowa Supreme Court as the authoritative work on Iowa probate law.

Since 1975 when the predecessor edition of Kurtz on Iowa Estates was first published, there have been notable changes in the Iowa Probate Code and the federal and state statutes applicable to the taxation of decedents and their estates. Additionally, there has been a significant overhaul of the federal income tax laws which apply to the taxation of estates. In this third edition of Kurtz on Iowa Estates, all of these statutory changes as well as the important developments in Iowa and federal case law, including new materials relating to living wills and health care powers of attorney, are discussed and analyzed.

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About the Author

Sheldon F. Kurtz is the Percy Bordwell Distinguished Professor of Law at the College of Law, University of Iowa. He was dean of the Florida State College of Law. He received his legal education at the Syracuse Law School where he was managing editor of the Syracuse Law Review. He practiced law in New York City for five years before coming to the Iowa Law School in 1973. In addition to the predecessor works previously described, he is the author of American Property Law (with Hovenkamp), Wills, Trusts and Future Interests (with McGovern & Rein), The Law of Property (with Boyer and Hovenkamp), and Closely Held Corporations in Business and Estate Planning (with Hood and Shors) and numerous articles relating to wills and trusts.