Peking University School of Transnational Law (Shenzen)

Peking University School of Transnational Law (Shenzhen) is located in China’s Guangdong Province, very near to Hong Kong. STL has as its mission to prepare students to be transnational lawyers.  In a single four-year program it combines two graduate-level academic programs that are each pursued with the highest levels of rigor, including a Chinese-law-focused Juris Master program, taught in Chinese, together with an American-law-focused Juris Doctor program, taught in English. Students who are fluent in Chinese may seek permission to attend classes in the Juris Master program. Both programs reflect perspectives beyond China and America. The curriculum at STL is enriched by the participation of visiting faculty drawn from all around the world. Exchange students may participate in either semester. Exchange students pay Iowa tuition, and any travel, housing or other costs. Applications are due to Iowa in March, and to STL by April for a fall start and due to Iowa in September and to STL by early October for a spring start. Professor Marcella David is the faculty advisor for this program. Please use the Iowa Study Abroad link below for the Iowa Application, and please visit the STL Site for more information. Applications may be submitted to Kelley Winebold in room 469.